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We believe that sustainable farming is the future.
On our farms, we test alternatives to monoculture farming that can help farmers reduce their reliance on synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Learn how we prioritise soil health, companion planting, and biodiversity to grow some of Yangon’s tastiest vegetables.

Sunn hemp seeds saved

Contribute to our seed bank

Native Myanmar seed varieties are disappearing. As farmers prefer higher yield, commercially available seeds, it is only a matter of years before reserves of heirloom varieties become depleted.

If you have any native heirloom seeds, please share them with us so we can multiply and add them to our seed bank for future generations of farmers.

We need your help

Your donations support our seed saving programme and research on sustainable farming practices. We share our findings via our Blog and Facebook page.

Help us preserve Myanmar’s agricultural heritage.

Experience the farm

We love meeting people who are as passionate about sustainable farming as us. Whether you’re a chef looking for organic produce in Yangon or a farmer’s who’s just starting out, we can help you.


(Currently closed to visitors during Covid-19)

Come learn how we manage our farm and keep our vegetables happy. We give all our visitors a goody bag of delicious, freshly harvested vegetables and herbs at the end of the tour.


We sell our produce through a small network of locally-owned distributors and shops.

If you’re a distributor or a chef looking to source produce from us, we’d love to help you. We also offer custom grown vegetables for restaurants.



We offer our expertise in building farms, so that you too can have a vegetable garden to call your own.

Our services include: farm design, project management, site preparation, planting and installation, and maintenance.

Gazunmyo partners with local distributors and restaurants who are dedicated to making safe, organically grown vegetables accessible in our communities.

Stories from the farm

Understanding N-P-K

Anyone who farms or gardens will be familiar with nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). They’re the 3 most talked about nutrients for plants, and can be found in organic and synthetic fertiliser forms. Read more…

Chilis and birds

We grow chilis on our farm and discovered recently that birds were eating our red chilis. Surprised, we did some research and discovered that birds seem to be immune to the burning sensation of chilis. Read more…