Gazunmyo Farms is a family of research-oriented organic farms in Yangon, Myanmar. Using organic farming practices that we test and develop ourselves, we grow a variety of vegetables that include the Myanmar favourites watercress and roselle, specialty edible flowers such as sunn hemp, and herbs like holy basil and tarragon. We believe that by following organic practices, we can grow the most flavoursome, beautifully textured vegetables for chefs and home cooks across the city.

At the moment we are a family of two farms. Our first farm, located at Orng Kitchen in 7 Mile, is a collaboration with our friend Chef Orng to grow Mediterranean salads, herbs, and edible flowers as part of a farm-to-table initiative. Our second and larger farm is in Thandaybin, north Yangon. There we grow the bulk of our vegetables and experiment with various scientifically-informed organic farming practices to determine which methods are best suited to the city’s tropical climate.

Once we’ve established which methods work best for us, we hope to share what we’ve learnt with farmers in Yangon and across Myanmar so organic farming may become a sustainable and profitable business.