Imagine for a second that a plant is like a person.

It has needs (water, sunlight, nutrients) and wants (love, care, protection from dogs that will poop on it).

It feels happy when it gets enough food, usually carbon dioxide and water. It loves having other friends nearby, like trees, other vegetables, and fungi, that share nutrients with it via root systems. Oh and sunshine, sunshine rejuvenates vegetables like the world’s best energy drink. 

But a plant feels sad too, especially when it’s hungry, bending low with leaves drooping like a person who slumps into a chair after a long, exhausting day at work. When it’s stressed, its leaves turn yellow and start to fall off. 

Sometimes a plant falls sick to viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Most of the time, its immune system kicks in right away to fight off the nasty invader. 

When you know what conditions make different plants happy or sad, you can build the right farm environment for them. It’s important to observe how your vegetables react to their surroundings because if it looks like the plants aren’t happy in the area you’ve put them in, something needs to be adjusted. See your vegetables as like your extended family, with wants, needs, and feelings. You’ll care for them better.


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